Restoran Evergreen

About us

Enhance your stay in Opatija and visit the restaurant “Evergreen”, it is a unique combination of beauty, elegance and superb gastronomy.

By collecting experience at home and abroad, in 2002. a nice restaurant was opened, characterized by natural greenery and intimate ambiance which makes an ideal place to go out with family, friends or business partners. Free Wi-Fi is ideal for our youngest guests.

Restaurant “Evergreen” is located just one kilometer from the center of Opatija on the main road in the direction of Rijeka and a few hundred meters away from the old, idyllic, small fishing town of Volosko.

With our professional approach to business, without improvising, following the wine and culinary trends, we have proved that we are deserved at the very top of Croatian gastronomy.

Many people are already convinced of the quality and diversity of our offer, whether it is dishes prepared in various sauces, a selection of fish, meat and a variety of steaks and lamb grilled on charcoal. The offer varies depending also on the time of the year, the season and on the wishes of our guests, which actually form a picture of the restaurant “Evergreen”.

Our dear guests have a choice of over hundred wines and a great selection of local and foreign liquor, cognac, whiskey, and you can choose your favorite cigar also!

If we have awakened your curiosity, come and see it for yourself, and we will do our best that you go out of our restaurant with full stomach and with a smile on your face.
Let the plate continues the story…

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